Assignment of employees Services

We are proud of the fact that Electus DGS d.o.o. is the largest agency in Croatia for assignment of employees to its clients engaged in numerous business activities.

What does temporary employment really mean?

Temporary employment is a concept in which Electus DGS as an agency signs an agreement on assignment of employees with a client whereas an employment agreement is signed with employees. In this manner an employee is assigned to work with the client while maintaining his/her employment with the agency all in accordance with agreed conditions on one’s employment. Electus DGS as an agency also keeps all administrative records (e.g. pension and health insurance, duration of employment, as well as other records) and calculates and pays salaries to employees.

I is imperative to stress out that the client is obliged to secure that the salary and other work conditions of the assigned employees do not differentiate from the salaries and work conditions of the directly employed employees. The employee employed with the agency has the right to pension and health insurance as well as annual and daily leave, sick leave, holidays, and all other rights as per mandatory laws.  

When may I use services of assignment of employees?

Our clients mostly use temporary assignment of employees in following cases:

  • Seasonality of their business– the temporary need for increase of number of workers is caused by seasonal growth of production and other needs
  • Ban of employment(headcount freeze) – assigned employees do not represent labor cost
  • Need for assessment of skills of workersprior to direct employment
  • Need for simplified administration– the agency performs all administrative and accounting services related to the assigned employees thus enabling the client to focus on their respective business
  • Need for more flexible cash flow management– the agency pays salaries to the assigned employees on the same day when salaries are paid to directly employed employees, whereas the client may be awarded late payment towards the agency


If you are looking for services of temporary employment and assignment  of employees, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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