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General provisions

These general terms and conditions regulate rights and obligations arising from use of the web page (further: „GTC“) owned by the company Electus DGS Ltd. for temporary employment, Zagreb, registered in the Book of records of agencies under registration number 7/04, managed with the Ministry of economy, labor, entrepreneurship, Strojarska cesta 20, court registration No: 080472105, tax No: 91413782576, EUID HRSR.080472105 represented by its member of the management board,  Tomislav Hanžek, IBAN: HR3024020061100470211 Erste&Steiermärkische Bank d.d. Zagreb (further: the Agency).   These GTCs, and all subsequent amendments and supplementals are applicable as of the date of their respective publishing on the agency web page and are an integral part of each agreement, irrespective weather verbal or written, signed by the agency and their users and are obligatory to natural and legal persons that is using the web page   Web page uses Cookies in order to enable the users free services with fully functional content.  Cookies represent  a series of data generated by provider of web pages that are stored on the user hard disk by the respectively used web browser  in a form of a small text message, as further defined in acceptance form for the Cookies which constitutes an integral part hereof.

Anybody accessing this web page hereby explicitly accepts the GTC currently in force at the time of visiting then web page and accepts to all and any alterations thereof. These GTCs are subject to unilateral change and by accessing the web page you agree to their use in content and form currently valid an  in Each use of web page, either entirely or any of its parts,  that is not in compliance with these GTCs shall be treated as violation of the services provided by the Agency and violation of these GTCs. The Agency reserves the right to at any moment and without any prior warning to amend or to suspend (temporary or permanently) any elements or content of the web page the Agency excludes all and any liability for accessibility of web page, either entirely or partially.   The Agency reserves the exclusive right to remove any texts that might be inappropriate, offensive or discriminatory in nature  and which is contrary to the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia,  mandatory laws, moral or customs.


Use of web page

By accessing web page you hereby grant your explicit and nonconditional consent to use the page, at your own risk.   Should you chose or you had been awarded with a user identification password, or any other data as part of security protocols, you are obliged to keep any such information as confidential. In case we determine that you do not respect these GTCs, we may at any time at our own disposal and at your cost and risk disable your user identification password.   By accessing web page you agree that third parties will not have access to your user data (user name and password) and you are obligated to get any third parties that access web page from your IP address or by using your user name and password acquainted with these GTCs.  By accessing web page we assume that any such third parties have granted their consent to these GTCs.   By accessing this web page you confirm that you will not act in any way whatsoever that may harm business reputation, interests and/or rights of the Agency.  The Agency shall conduct all appropriate safety measures suitable for detection of computer viruses, however you should be aware of the fact that existing computer safety measures available online  may not be not entirely reliable, and we cannot guarantee that viruses or any other elements that may cause alterations to your computer systems do not exist. The Agency excludes all and any liability   for computer viruses, malware, trojans and/or any other malicious software, that may damage your computer and/or your computer systems. For avoidance of any doubt, the Agency assumes no liability for damages that you may occur from loading of malicious scripts of any kind. The agency has no obligation to verify the correctness of the content published on the web page and we do not guarantee usefulness, precision, completeness or relevance of published content neither that the content is up to date. The agency explicitly excludes all responsibility of whatsoever kind for the decisions you may reach by using the web page and its respective content.


Intellectual property rights

The Agency is the exclusive owner and the beneficiary of the rights of authors and all other intellectual property rights  on web page, as well as on all integral parts hereof, such as name, domain,  texts, visual and audio elements, visual identity, data and data bases,  programming code and all other elements. All documents, data and/or information or any of their respective parts published on the web page cannot be used, reproduced, distributed or used in any way whatsoever without explicit written consent of the Agency. Any unauthorized use of any part of the web, alterations to the computer code, copying of published documents, pictures, statements and/or content, as well as any other behavior that may lead to breach of the intellectual property of the Agency made without prior written consent of the Agency as bearer and beneficiary of these rights shall be deemed as breach of Agency intellectual property rights and is subject to prosecution and initiating of other appropriate proceedings in accordance with the laws of Republic of Croatia and international laws.


Links and connecting

The web page may have hyperlinks to other third party web pages that are not associated with the Agency.  The agency is not responsible for any such third party web pages and/or published content. Use of hyperlinks to third party web pages is at users exclusive liability, whereas any linking to our web page from third party web pages requires our prior explicit approval.


Personal data protection of personal data of users of, as well as our business partners our employees is the key principle of our work. Collection and use of your personal data is regulated in our privacy policy whose provisions constitute integral part of these GTCs and are available at


Limitation of liability and no guarantees

The Agency in these GTCs does not guarantee or  represents or warrants and assumes no liability of whatsoever kind that the web page and/or the respective content is true, accurate, reliable, and that on violation of third parties shall occur and that functional aspects of the web page and/or its content shall be error free, neither that the servers shall have no viruses or any other malicious software. Any use of web page and/or content published  on the web page is at your own risk and all content published on this web page has been published on a bona fide principle but without any guarantees of whatsoever kind from the Agency and the Agency assumes no liability of whatsoever kind for damages to the users of the web page and/or to third parties.   The Agency assumes no liability for third party actions especially for breaches of personal data of Agency users (irrespectively weather the are Agency business partners and/or natural persons as Agency users) made by third parties and/or Agency contractual partners. The Agency is using third party services (e.g. Microsoft, Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, Adoptotech d.o.o, etc.)  in good faith and without any ill intent from the Agency side and/or without any actions or omissions of undertaking of any procedures that may lead to breach of your rights and/or personal data breach. Therefore, as noted earlier,  the agency assumes no liability for actions, procedures, omissions and/or third party lack of committing.   The web page may have hyperlinks to content and documents, data and information created by the third parties. The agency has no supervision over  such document, data and information and hereby assumes no liability of whatsoever kind, including but not limited to, such third party content being correct, complete or available.    


Competence for dispute resolution

All legal relationships arising from application or interpretation of these GTCs shall be governed by the Croatian law, save for the provisions of the regulations on conflict of laws. The use of UN Convention on international sale of goods  is explicitly excluded. The use of commercial and/or business customs is also explicitly excluded.  All disputes shall be resolved amicably. However is such an amicable dispute resolution is not possible, all disputes shall be resolved by the Commercial Court in Zagreb.


Final provisions

These GTCs are in force as of the date of their publishing on the web The Agency reserves the right to at any moment alter and/or to amend these GTCs. The currently valid version of the GTCs shall be deemed the version published on the web page All questions, comments, requests, as well as doubt on data breach may be communicated in writing with us to the following address: Electus DGS d.o.o., ( to data protection officer), Strojarska cesta 20, 10000 Zagreb or to email:

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